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Events for 2018 can be seen below; click on the event title for more information. Further events may be added through the year. Full contact details of excursion organisers are available on the YNU Membership Card sent to all members.

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5th May 2018 - Conchological Field Meeting

Field meeting to Leavening Brow in VC61.

5th May 2018 - Bryological Field Meeting

Field meeting to Anston Stones Wood.

10th May 2018 - Entomological Field Meeting

Field meeting to Blackmoorfoot Reservoir near Huddersfield.

19th May 2018 - Marine & Coastal Field Meeting

Marine & Coastal section field meeting to Thornwick Bay, Flamborough.

19th May 2018 - VC63 South West Yorkshire Excursion

VC63 field meeting at Thorne Moors.


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YNU Conference 2018

Non-native Species: research, recording and the conservation agenda

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