Recording Wildlife

Recording and studying wildlife and sharing the results of our work for the public benefit is the main focus of the YNU's activity.  The records we collect are shared with the local records centres in the Yorkshire and Humber Environmental Data Network as well as many national recording schemes, and are made publicly available via the National Biodiversity Network Atlas.  Please refer to our Data Policy for further information.          

It is absolutely vital that data and information about sites, species and habitats are used to inform environmental decision-making at a local level, notably forward planning, development control and the identification of sites of conservation importance.  This article from The Naturalist (140:1090 pp.187-189) explains the importance of an up-to-date evidence base to inform local decision making, and outlines the problems that can arise when data are not made available.   

The YNU believes that Open Access to biodiversity data is essential, except in cases where this might result in environmental harm.  The YNU signed the Bouchout Declaration for Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management in 2014.

Our recording area is the 'old' county of Yorkshire which consists of 5 vice-counties.  Click here to view or download a map of the area.

Online Recording

Click here to send your wildlife records to the Yorkshire Naturalists' Union using our online recording system.  These records will be available to local environmental records centres and national recording schemes.       

Yorkshire's Local Environmental Records Centres:

Biological Records Officer

Hannah Droop was employed by the Yorkshire and Humber Ecological Data Network Trust and the Yorkshire Naturalists' Union as a Biological Records Officer for volunteer recorders in Yorkshire from December 2010 to July 2012.  The aim of the role was to ensure that YNU records are made available to support research, education and environmental decision making in the region and at a national level.  Hannah worked closely with Section Heads and Recorders to carry out a data audit to find out how many records are held by the YNU, where and how these records are stored and whether the records have been shared with other organisations.  Hannah produced a detailed report of the audit’s findings, which were presented at the YNU conference in 2013.  The YNU and YHEDN continue to work together to try to improve the accessibility and use of YNU data to inform local environmental decision making.  

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Recording Wildlife

Recording and studying wildlife is the main focus of the YNU

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