Bees, wasps and ants

The YNU's Recorder for bees, wasps and ants is Dr Michael Archer, who holds over 33,000 records of Hymenoptera.  All records are sent to the Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Scheme (BWARS), who make the data publicly available via the NBN Atlas. A PDF version of his Introduction to the Yorkshire aculeates is available to download here.

Dr. Archer published People, Places and Species - a History of the Study of Wasps, Ants and Bees in Watsonian Yorkshire to coincide with the YNU's 150th anniversary in 2011.  Copies of this book are available for purchase at £4 (postage is free) by contacting Dr. Archer at 17 Elmfield Terrace, York, YO31 1EH or via e-mail (click link to send an e-mail).

Nest of Dolichovespula norwegica

Nest of Dolichovespula norwegica

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Phryganea bipunctata fermale. Credit Sharon Flint
Caddisflies or Trichoptera, (meaning, from the Greek trichos a hair and pteron a wing; hairy-wings)

Bees, wasps and ants

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Nemoura cinerea adult female, Malham fen. Credit Sharon Flint
Stonefly recording in Yorkshire

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R.semicolorata adult male, Malham Tarn. Credit Sharon Flint
Mayfly recording in Yorkshire

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