Butterflies and Moths

The Lepidoptera Group studies and records butterflies, macro-moths and micro-moths in Yorkshire. In partnership with the Yorkshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation, the Lepidoptera Group publishes the annual Butterfly and Moth Report which is distributed to all YNU members. 

To discover which butterflies can be found in Yorkshire, and in which vice-county they have been seen, look at the Checklist of Yorkshire's butterflies.

For contact details of the YNU's Butterfly and Moth Recorders, click here.

For further information about moth recording in Yorkshire, visit the YNU Lepidoptera Section's Yorkshire Moths website http://www.yorkshiremoths.info/

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R.semicolorata adult male, Malham Tarn. Credit Sharon Flint
Mayfly recording in Yorkshire

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Phryganea bipunctata fermale. Credit Sharon Flint
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Nemoura cinerea adult female, Malham fen. Credit Sharon Flint
Stonefly recording in Yorkshire

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Butterfly and moth recording in Yorkshire