Bedstraw Hawk-moth 29th July 2011 Kilnsea By Petros Pete

Butterflies and Moths Contacts

Chairman of the YNU Lepidoptera Group:  Mr Tom Hubball, 4 South View Terrace, Silsden, West Yorkshire, BD20 0AS. Tel: 01535 678334, e-mail:

The contacts for the YNU Lepidoptera Group and the Yorkshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation are:

Butterfly Recording Co-ordinators:

County Butterfly Recorder - David Smith David Smith, 56 South Street, Cottingham, Hull, HU16 4AT.
Tel: 07906 160447, e-mail:

  • VC61: Mr Sean A Clough, 51 Thoresby Street, Hull, HU5 3RA,
    Tel: 01482 448088, e-mail:
  • VC62: Mr Dave O'Brien, 30 Appleton Road, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough, TS5 5JE,
    Tel: 01642 290379 e-mail:
  • VC63: Mr Steve Mattock, 8 Malvern Avenue, York, YO26 5SG. Tel: 01904 786022, e-mail:
  • VC64: Mr Dave Hatton, 29 Merton Drive, Farsley, Pudsey, West Yorkshire, LS28 5EB.
    Tel: 01132 552807, e-mail:
  • VC65: Dr Paul Millard, Dove House, Skyreholme, Skipton, BD23 6DE. Tel: 01756 720490, e-mail:

Moth Recording Co-ordinators:

NOTE: Dr Fletcher holds the county macro-moth database of records collected since 2000 using Mapmate (TM) software.

LepNETYorkshire Joint project co-ordinators:

  • Micro-moths database: Mr Harry E Beaumont, 37 Melton Green, West Melton, Rotherham S63 6AA
  • Butterflies database: Dr David Smith, 56 South Street, Cottingham, Hull, HU16 4AT.
    Tel: 07906 160447, e-mail:
    Holds the County butterfly records since 1995 on Levana software.
  • Historic macro-moth database:Mr  Philip Q. Winter, West End Farm, Muston, Filey, North Yorkshire. YO14 0ES. Tel: 01723 512218. 
    Holds electronic data to 2000 and hard copy of butterfly records.



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