Yorkshire Orthoptera Species

Tettigoniidae - Bush crickets

Meconema thalassinum     Oak bush-cricket      Found North-west of York up to Ripon and South-east of York to Holderness

Pholidoptera griseoaptera     Dark bush-cricket      One or two sites in E.Yorkshire. Old records from Beverley area and post 2000 records from the Whitby-Scarborough coast

Metrioptera brachyptera       Bog bush-cricket       Thorne Moors, North York Moors and Strensall Common near York

Metrioptera roeselii       Roessel’s bush-cricket     N. bank of Humber east of Hull

Concephalus dorsalis       Short-winged cone-head      N. bank of Humber east of Hull

Leptophyes punctatissima      Speckled bush-cricket       Confirmed breeding at several sites in the East Riding. One or two sites in S. Yorkshire

Phaneroptera falcata      Sickle-bearing Bush Cricket     One male found in 2010 near Hessle on the Humber. Probably a hitch-hiker

Tettigonia viridissima      Great Green Bush Cricket     Verified record of 1 female at the Dalby Visitor Centre post 2006 and 1 record prior to 1940 in Hemsworth


Gryllidae - True crickets

Acheta domesticus      House cricket       Widespread but not common

Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa     Mole cricket       1 site only - old record, probably extinct

Gryllodes supplicans      Tropical House Cricket   1 known indoor breeding site near Selby


Acridoidae - Ground-hoppers

Tetrix subulata      Slender ground-hopper      Rediscovered at Drax after 160 years; now widespread

Tetrix undulata       Common ground-hopper      Widespread


Gomphocerinae - True grasshoppers

Omocestus viridulus        Common green grasshopper     Common and widespread

Chorthippus brunneus       Field grasshopper       Common and widespread

Chorthippus parallellus       Meadow grasshopper      Widespread

Chorthippus albamarginatus       Lesser marsh grasshopper        N. bank of Humber and spreading west

Myrmeleotettrix maculatus       Mottled grasshopper         Widespread but not common


Dermaptera - Earwigs

Labia minor       Lesser earwig       One or two sites in E Yorkshire

Forficula auricularia        Common earwig        Common and widespread

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Phryganea bipunctata fermale. Credit Sharon Flint
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Nemoura cinerea adult female, Malham fen. Credit Sharon Flint
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R.semicolorata adult male, Malham Tarn. Credit Sharon Flint
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