The YNU Recorder for parasitic Hymenoptera is Mr Bill Ely,  9 Clifton Lane, Rotherham, S65 2AA.  Tel: 01709 367913.  E-mail:

The YNU holds around 15,000 to 20,000 parastic Hymenoptera records and these are being passed to the Yorkshire Local Records Centres. 

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Recording sawflies in Yorkshire


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Mayfly recording in Yorkshire

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Insect recording in Yorkshire

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Caddisflies or Trichoptera, (meaning, from the Greek trichos a hair and pteron a wing; hairy-wing

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StoneStoneflies, belonging to the Insect order Plecoptera, are so called because the adults of th

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Recording parasitic Hymenoptera in Yorkshire


The Ichneumonidae is the largest family of insects in Britain.

Ichneumon Sub-families

This page describes the different sub-families of the Ichneumonidae.

Yorkshire Checklists

The Yorkshire checklists of the sub-families of the Ichneumonidae show the folowing details: