Here you will find a list of the YNU Sections Contacts.  For full contact details, please see the YNU Membership Card or click here to send us a message

YNU Sections Contact List



Becky Bailey, Tel. 07809 461331

County Recorders:

East Yorkshire
James Spencer, e-mail:

North Yorkshire
Ian Court, Tel. 01535 658582

South Yorkshire
Martin Wells, S36 1DG Tel. 0114 2884211

West Yorkshire
Andy Jowett,


Freshwater Ecology

Chairman: Sharon Flint.

Mayflies, Stone flies and Caddisflies and aquatic ecology: Sharon Flint


Fungi and Lichens

Chairman and assistant recorder:  Alan Braddock, Tel: 01924 275631



Chairman: Mr Bill Ely, Tel: 01709 367913

Secretary:  Mr Stuart Foster, Tel: 01302 887143 



Dr Colin Howes, Tel: 01302 811037


Marine and Coastal

Chairman: Adrian Norris  Tel: 0113 274 5244

Recorder: Paula Lightfoot,



Chairman: Dr Terry Crawford, Tel. 01904 760849

Recorder: Mr Adrian Norris, Tel: 0113 274 5244



Recorder  Tom Blockeel,  Tel: 0114  2366861




VC61: Sarah White

VC62: Gill Smith 

VC63: (West) Kay McDowell, (South) Louise Hill

VC64: David Broughton, 

VC65: Linda Robinson,


Reptiles and Amphibians

Robert Jaques,, tel: 07895 880916


Spiders and Harvestmen

Spider Recorder: Richard Wilson,

Harvestman Recorder: Peter Nicholson,