Here you will find a list of the YNU Sections Contacts.  For full contact details, please see the YNU Membership Card or click here to send us a message

YNU Sections Contact List




Becky Bailey, Tel. 07809 461331

Report Editor

Geoff Dobbs


County Recorders:

East Yorkshire
Geoff Dobbs (as above)

North Yorkshire
Ian Court, Tel. 01535 658582

South Yorkshire
Martin Wells, S36 1DG Tel. 0114 2884211

West Yorkshire
Ian Court (as above)


Freshwater Ecology

Chairman: Currently vacant

Mayflies, Stone flies and Caddisflies and aquatic ecology: Sharon Flint


Fungi and Lichens

Chairman and assistant recorder:  Alan Braddock, Tel: 01924 275631



Chairman: Mr Peter Flint

Secretary:  Mr Stuart Foster, Tel: 01302 887143 



Dr Colin Howes, Tel: 01302 811037


Marine and Coastal

Chairman: Adrian Norris  Tel: 0113 274 5244

Recorder: Paula Lightfoot,



Chairman: Dr Terry Crawford, Tel. 01904 760849

Recorder: Mr Adrian Norris, Tel: 0113 274 5244



Recorder  Tom Blockeel,  Tel: 0114  2366861




VC61: Sarah White

VC62: Gill Smith 

VC63: (West) Kay McDowell, (South) Louise Hill

VC64: David Broughton, 

VC65: Linda Robinson,


Reptiles and Amphibians

Robert Jaques,, tel: 07895 880916


Spiders and Harvestmen

Spider Recorder: Richard Wilson,

Harvestman Recorder: Peter Nicholson,