Here you can read the latest news from the Marine and Coastal Section.  Please also visit our Facebook group for updates on field trips and to see photos of our events and some of the marine wildlife we've spotted.

Latest Marine and Coastal Section News

  1. Wildlife Sightings from North and East Yorkshire - January 2017

    This monthly article written by Richard Baines (Yorkshire Coast Nature Wildlife Guide) is a detailed summary of...

  2. Field meeting at Reighton Sands

    On 30th September, the YNU Conchological Section and Marine and Coastal Section organised a very...

  3. Life on the Accropodes!

    Members of the YNU’s affiliated society Seasearch carried out survey dives on...

  4. Meet the Species at Runswick Bay

    On Saturday 18th August, members of the Marine and Coastal Section took advantage of the low spring tide and...

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