Wildlife Sightings from North and East Yorkshire - September 2017

September was dominated by westerly airstreams with only one period of easterlies so coveted by birders at this time of year. Despite this, it was a very busy month for wildlife in East and North Yorkshire. Minke whale numbers grew through the month in anticipation of the Herring spawn, whilst scarce and rare birds arrived as diverse as Long-billed Dowitcher from the west and Raddes warbler from the east. The end of the month brought a surge of visible migration with a huge count of birds at Spurn on the 30th.  Read the full article by Richard Baines of Yorkshire Coast Nature for all the details. 

Photos: Minke whale by Richard Baines (top), Convolvulus hawkmoth by Richard Baines (left) and Red-breasted flycatcher by Richard Willison (right)