To ensure the Bird Report is an accurate and trusted record, rarities need to be described and are then assessed by the YNU Rarities Committee.  The YNURC consists of:



Local birding area

Garry Taylor


Hull Valley and Hornsea

Chris Robinson


Doncaster and Hatfield areas

Jack Ashton-Booth


York area

Mike Barnett


Swillington Ings and Leeds area

Steve Clifton


Nosterfield and North Yorks

Lee Johnson


Flamborough and Tophill Low

Tim Jones



Graham Speight


Edderthorpe Flash and South Yorks

Steve Worwood


Harrogate and Nosterfield

Please click here to download the YNURC Terms of Reference and Constitution.

To report a Yorkshire rarity (see list on previous page), please complete the description form below and send it to the YNURC Secretary, Chris Robinson, whose e-mail address is shown on the form.  Descriptions of BBRC rarities should also be sent to Chris, who will forward to BBRC. If you have sent a description directly to BBRC, please also send a copy to YNURC

A description form can be downloaded here.

The work of the Rarities Committee can be aided if observers submit descriptions as soon as possible.

Descriptions: details should include the description taken in the field, before reference to books; the locality; date and time; habitat; weather conditions; optical aids used; distance from the bird; period of observation; species present for comparison and previous experience of the species. If anyone disagrees with the identification should also be noted. The YNURC welcomes the electronic submission of records with the provision that some detail is supplied about location, first/last dates and the name(s) of the finder(s).

Photographs: we welcome the electronic submission of photographs, with the provision that some detail is supplied about location and the name of the finder, where known.

Sound recordings and “nocmig” records: for all description species the YNURC requires a recording to be provided that preferably has several examples of calls audible. Ideally the submitter will have obtained a sonogram of this. We would like to have the whole call sequence - not just the edited calls isolated.

If the finder/identifier has not submitted the record, but a photograph has been published in a magazine or on the internet, then the magazine/website will be credited.

Submission of all descriptions will be acknowledged and the decisions on each published on the website, with all accepted records also detailed in the Bird Report. If a record has been deemed ‘not proven', it doesn’t necessarily mean that the bird has been mis-identified, but that there is not enough detail to be conclusive.

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Report Editor

Vacant. Contact: Geoff Dobbs

County Recorders:

East Yorkshire
Jacob Spinks


North Yorkshire

South Yorkshire
Martin Wells, S36 1DG Tel. 0114 2884211

West Yorkshire

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