The Lepidoptera Group studies and records butterflies, macro-moths and micro-moths in Yorkshire. In partnership with the Yorkshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation, the Lepidoptera Group publishes the annual Butterfly and Moth Report which is distributed to all YNU members. 

To discover which butterflies and moths can be found in Yorkshire, and in which vice-county they have been seen, look at the following checklists:

Checklist of Yorkshire's butterflies.

Checklist of Yorkshire's Moths

For further information about moth recording in Yorkshire, visit the YNU Lepidoptera Section's Yorkshire Moths website

Advice to moth recorders
With almost 200,000 moth records submitted per year, the jobs of the county and vice-county recorders are becoming busier every year. This means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to amalgamate records sent to on-line recording schemes and posted on social media sites. The biggest problem is the use of iRecord. This is an extremely good system for uploading records of orders with small numbers of sightings such as hymenoptera, Orthoptera etc. Each record can be looked at and downloaded individually to the county database. With moths however, there are over 10,000 records per year uploaded to iRecord so it is impossible to add records this way, and the process has to be automated, initially downloading all records to 47 columns of an Excel spreadsheet before spending several hours on each column, removing duplicates, and reformatting and altering records to match the format of our database. This takes so much time that it is now impossible, and we have decided that we will now just amalgamate a few of the more interesting records.  Please send your records directly to your VC recorder. This is now the only way we can guarantee that your records will feature in the annual report, contribute to national databases and appear in distribution atlases.

Thank you for your help.

Butterflies and Moths ~ Contacts and Recorders


Chairman of the YNU Lepidoptera Group:  Mr Ian Marshall19 Ferriby High Road, North Ferriby, East Yorkshire, HU14 3LD. Tel 01482 627446. e-mail:

Butterfly Recording Co-ordinators:

County Butterfly Recorder - Vacant

Moth Recording Co-ordinators:

NOTE: Dr Fletcher holds the county macro-moth database of records collected since 2000 using Mapmate™ software.



LepNETYorkshire Joint project co-ordinators:

    • County Micro-moth Recorder & database custodian: Mr Harry E Beaumont, 37 Melton Green, West Melton, Rotherham S63 6AA
    • County Macro-moth Recorder & database custodian: Dr Charles Fletcher (contact details as above).
    • County Butterfly Recorder & database custodian: Dr David RR Smith (contact details as above).
      Holds the County butterfly records since 1995 on Levana software.

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